Welcome to AKII Microlab

The AKII Microlab is a joint technical research initiative focused at building a modern applied Artificial Intelligence expertise bridging academia and industry. Our approach is to apply modern methods of artificial intelligence to applications in the area of Virtual and Augmented Reality, BigData Analytics and Real-Time Control of Technical Systems.

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Open Thesis

Current Openings

If you are interested in exploring AI for VR/AR with us, and write your Bachelor or Master Thesis please contact Dr. Cristian Axenie (axenie@thi.de) or Prof. Thomas Grauschopf (thomas.grauschopf@thi.de).  Neural Network Predictive Tracking System for VR Systems Full PDF descriptionProblem descriptionThe tracking devices are the main components for...



2018 I. Sugiarto, C. Axenie, J. Conradt, FPGA-based Hardware Accelerator for an Embedded Factor Graph with Configurable Optimization, Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, 2018. PDFF. Mirus, C. Axenie, T. C. Stewart, J. Conradt, Neuromorphic Sensorimotor Adaptation for Robotic Mobile Manipulation: From Sensing to Behaviour, Cognitive...


Development Systems

The core idea is to set up an AI Lab to drive research in applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in technical applications. Due to the local expertise in AR/VR, a focus towards intelligent processing algorithms for AR and VR is envisioned. ...