AKII Lab at SpInforTec 2022 – TU Chemnitz

Our very own Gheorghe Lisca held a talk on how Reinforcement Learning estimates muscle activations at the 14th symposium „Sports Informatics and Sports Technology“ at TU Chemnitz. The talk has been received with high interest in the community of Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft. Informatics and technology are key components of the information and feedback systems used in training and competition. Gheorghe had great exchanges over how Machine Learning can impact the development of these technologies. This is joint work with the team Sportgeräte und Sportmaterialien at TU Munich. Well done!























(source: Gheorghe Lisca, https://www.mec.ed.tum.de/spgm/aktuelles/article/spinfortec2022-in-chemnitz/)