Ink Painting


Chinese painting, like calligraphy, has a very long tradition. Both date back to the Huaxia culture (about 1500 BC). They use the same brushes and ink, the same paper, the same movements and build on the same ideas and beauty models. Although they have developed differently over time, calligraphy and classical painting are still very similar today. In learning classical Chinese painting one experiences the ancient Asian culture and starts a dialogue with old principles and wisdom.

There are two basic styles of Chinese painting: Gongbi und Xieyi


In Gongbi painting, the outlines are first put to paper. One usually draws plants or animals and also humans. Afterwards, the colors are applied layer by layer, thus filling the work of art with life. In the Gongbi painting, all images are slowly and very correctly reproduced, and you can observe steady progress. Gongbi painting is the best way to open the door to Chinese art, as it is easily accessible and trains the basics and techniques of other forms of art.



Xieyi is the expressionist form of Gangbi painting. The artist must have a solid repertoire of classical drawing techniques and put his ideas on paper in a matter of minutes. Motifs of Xieyi painting are often landscapes and animal painting.

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