AKII Microlab

The AKII Microlab is a joint technical research initiative focused at building a modern applied Artificial Intelligence expertise bridging academia and industry. The lab hosts a unique group with expertise ranging from computational neurosciences, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, business intelligence to autonomous embedded systems and robotics.

Part of the AKII Microlab is the vision to build a strong multidisciplinary ecosystem among universities in China and Germany as well as industrial partners in our partner regions in Germany and China. The focus is on applying cutting edge technologies in real-world applications.

Our approach is to apply modern methods of artificial intelligence to applications in the area of intelligence reasoning and decision making, big data analytics and real-time control of technical systems.

We focus on both theory and application of neuronal (deep) networks, fuzzy control techniques, evolutionary and genetic algorithms, reinforcement learning, distributed agent-based learning and on-line streaming machine learning.

Practically we design and implement intelligent software modules along with proper hardware acceleration for solving formulated problems for data processing, reasoning and learning.


External collaborators and advisers: