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The AKII Laboratory is a collaborative technology research initiative focused on the development and application of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in human-centred interactive systems. From human motion tracking and biomechanics to personalized virtual reality avatars, we target applications that impact sports technology and medical rehabilitation.

Part of AKII Microlab’s vision is to build a strong multidisciplinary ecosystem between universities in China and Germany and industry partners in our partner regions in Germany and China. The focus is on applying cutting-edge technologies in real-world applications.

In practice, we design and implement intelligent software modules together with the right hardware support to solve formulated problems for data processing, reasoning and learning.


New conference paper accepted

        Dr. Axenie's latest work in Online Machine Learning for Big Data Streaming, introducing STARLORD: Sliding window Temporal Accumulate-Retract Learning for Online Reasoning on Datastreams, has been accepted in the

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